At B & G Auto Body, we have built a reputation as a newer company that is eager to satisfy the customer. To us, the customer is not just another job—we will do our best to make sure your vehicle is repaired right the first time, using the very latest equipment and our highly knowledgeable technicians. While your car is at B & G, we will assist you in getting a rental car, and can also pickup and/or deliver your vehicle.

You have the right to choose any auto body repair shop you would like to use. Don’t be talked into taking your vehicle somewhere that you do not want to go by your insurance company.

When choosing an automobile insurance company and coverage, always know what kind of replacement parts your company requires shops to use. Some insurance companies attempt to use lower quality aftermarket parts instead of OEM parts. Check to see if your company covers a rental car, and for how long. Does it cover the full cost of the rental or do you have to pay any part of the fees? You also need to be aware of your deductible amount. You don’t want to be shocked to find out after an accident that you have a high deductible.  And always remember that you have the right to choose your auto body repair shop.